1) Royal Enfield Bike 350cc / 500cc.

2) Mechanic & Guide.

We have assistants also who look after the equipment, our clients needs, putting up the tents and driving any of the bikes should anyone want a rest from the saddle.

3) Supporting Vehicles which are carrying:

Spare Bike Parts, Gas, Tools, Members luggage &

Fully equipped with first aid kit, Portable Stretcher, Oxygen Cylinders

4) Accomodation ( Hotels or Camping)

5) Innerline Permit

Official travel document issued by Government of India, to allow inward travel into a protected / restricted areas in India.

6) Safety

We prepare for almost every contingency with utmost care. A comprehensive medical & first aid kit, a ride leader who is certified in FIRST AID and loads of know-how help in facilitating a stress free tour.

7) Leave it to us

Self-planned trips can work out great, or they can be disastrous. We handle any difficulties that may arise in your travel logistics, so you don't have to waste time on your much awaited holiday. With us, you'll have a great trip.


India Bike Tours

  • If you are Adventure lover & want to explore Indian subcontinent on a royal enfield bike for Himalaya Tours, Desert Tour or the greenery and Hill Stations on the South India Tour . You are on the right Place!!!!!!
  • At Adventure Tours - Our Moto is to provide Quality Service with Personal Touch.


We use Royal Enfield classic 500 and classic 350 for motorbike tours in India. The classic 500 armed with a potent fuel injected 500cc engine and clothed in a delightfully appealing post war styling, this promises to be the most desirable Royal Enfield bike in history.